Join Me Live in Las Vegas! Trader Bootcamp Invitation

Apr 29, 2015: 10:08 AM CST

Start planning your travel now!

I’m excited to present live in Las Vegas May 11 and 12th and I wanted to invite you personally to join us.

I’ll be revealing how I use Sector Rotation and ETF Strength/Weakness to pinpoint the best stocks in the best sectors – and of course how to avoid losses from sidestepping the worst stocks in the worst sectors and how you can put this knowledge to work right now.

Sector Rotation – how “Big Money” allocates capital in good times and bad – also has the distinct advantage of highlighting potential market turns ahead of other methods (always Follow the Money – Sector Rotation tactics show you how to do this).

But I’m not the only one presenting – I’m joining an all-star roster of top traders who will be teaching you…

• Vince’s $100,00 easy to use and easy to follow system

• Peter’s Credit Spread system that you can use to make over $10,000 in income

• Josh’s FOREX strategies to help you leverage and profit on $40,000 while using only $100 of your own money

• Steve`s powerful S&P E-Mini strategy that`s been consistently profitable over the last few years

• Corey’s money flow and sector rotation system that you can use on ETFs and individual stock

• John’s strategies to reduce your overall tax expense

• 2 Month subscription to Meta Stock Pro, which is $500 value in itself

• Bring a friend for half-price!

This is a two-day intensive boot-camp where you’ll be encouraged to interact with the speakers and your fellow traders.

Learn more today by visiting Trading Wins and watching a quick introduction video from Vince.

Go beyond the webinars and learn effective trading strategies without the hype – then put what you’ve learned to work as you return to your trading desk or office.

I can’t wait to see you there!


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