Key Make or Break Level Here for the US Dollar this Week

May 25, 2015: 1:46 PM CST

Will it or won’t it?

The US Dollar Index faces a breakout – or reversal down – from a key planning level which should set in motion the next swing trade to the next target level.

Let’s see the zone and plan our trades accordingly:

I delved into more detail for our Afraid to Trade Members (Join  us!) this weekend but I wanted to show a quick chart to help you plan the week ahead.

Even if you don’t specifically trade the US Dollar – or FOREX in general – be aware that movements up or down in the US Dollar play a role in the commodity market trades you may be making.

Right now, we have a pullback against a strong 2014 uptrend that touched a critical support level last week.

Buyers boosted the Dollar higher logically off the 50% Fibonacci Level with a Positive Momentum Divergence.

From here, the index reached the $96.00 target level as highlighted and we’ll use it to plan next week’s trades.

Notice the January high along with the falling 50 day EMA overlapping $96.00.

We’ll be BULLISH for a breakout into “Open Air” for a future swing toward $98.00 then perhaps $100.00 to continue the prevailing uptrend.

However, we do note this resistance level and will be NEUTRAL for our trades between $95.00 and $96.00.

Finally we’ll look to play a failure (into resistance) and will be short-term BEARISH under the $95.00 level and especially under $93.00 should sellers work their will on the index with a breakdown from here.

Whatever strategy you’re using, be sure to focus carefully on the current $96.00 pivot and the price movement AWAY FROM this area (from which we’ll build our trades).

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