Learning the Whale Trade from Doc Severson

Apr 16, 2015: 10:13 AM CST

What’s a “Whale Trade” you ask?  And what is the set-up and outcome?

Doc Severson of Trading Concepts just released a video this morning that details the trade and how you can add it to your ever-growing trading toolbox.

You see a stock explode out of a consolidation pattern (such as a triangle or rectangle), as if fired from slingshot – only you’re too late to get in on the action.  It happens.

So by the time you notice the move, everyone else has made their money and you’re left to figure out how to make sure you don’t make the same mistake again.

Doc tackles this concept head-on with this educational video (it just requires an email address to view).

In this free tutorial, Doc Severson shares a new strategy that allows you to take advantage of early opportunities and profit with relative ease – before most other traders even know what’s going on.

He calls it the Whale Trade Strategy – an interesting name but memorable and simple nonetheless.

I’m an affiliate of Trading Concepts and have worked with Doc in the past and support his educational outreach to the trading community.

While Doc tailors the video to options – especially to those with small accounts – the same “explosive move setting up” logic can be applied to swing traders.

Check it out! My thanks to Doc for sharing this video with the trading community.



2 Responses to “Learning the Whale Trade from Doc Severson”

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