Link: Coaching Insights for Traders

Apr 21, 2010: 12:14 PM CST

Dr. Brett Steenbarger of TraderFeed recently posted two installments in a series entitled “Coaching Insights for Traders” that can be very helpful for traders of all experience levels.

Dr. Brett so far has released two posts in the series, with the first and second being:

Coaching Insights for Traders

More Coaching Insights for Traders

I recommend printing out both posts as a reference and keeping them handy.

Here are some of the insights from his posts:

“Confidence in losing, humility in winning:  a formula for long-term trading success in the markets.”

“If you are always looking for the next great trade, you will overtrade.”

“What percentage of your traders are accompanied by very strong conviction, where everything comes together, makes sense, and you see markets well?  Why are you trading when you lack that conviction?”

Jump on over to see all the posts and insights!

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