Link: Fibozachi Short Term Technical Update Jan 27

Jan 27, 2010: 10:57 PM CST

I’ve been impressed with the work of Fibozachi lately, particularly in regard to the recent “Short Term Update” posts.

I wanted to provide a link to their most recent publication – written at the popular Zero Hedge website – entitled “Fibozachi Technical Update of January 27, 2010.

Here is a snapshot of a few of their charts in the quick update:

This is a quick take of the S&P 500 (@ES Futures) with text:

“We at Fibozachi believe that [January 21st] marked a crucial inflection point… signaling that a strong bearish trend was emerging.”

Fibozachi also updates us on the Weekly Dollar Index:

Including the text comments:

“[The US Dollar Index sets its sights] firmly on the $80.00 level, where prior resistance turned support will likely be rebuffed on its first attempt to punch through.”

Other charts include the VIX along with a snapshot of gold, silver, and crude-oil.

The charts are colorful and provide a quick view of the related markets which can be helpful to note the larger trends as they develop.

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT
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