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Feb 26, 2007: 5:02 PM CST

As I awoke this morning to read TraderMike’s headlines, I was astounded to see my link in his link list!
I just created this blog this weekend and most definately was not ready for any publicity, nor had I reached out
to anyone yet before I had the site ready.

All I have for you so far is to read over my “About Me” page, bookmark this site.  Please know that I have great desire and ambition
to provide a high-quality blogsite and community for you all to connect and share ideas and personal stories.

Please bookmark the site and email me at corey AT afraidtotrade DOT com for suggestions, support, and ideas.
I will have this site completely ready shortly and am very thankful to TraderMike for his link.
I will be updating frequently as I get acclimated to the online blog capabilities and world.

Don’t be Afraid! This blog and website will be fully-functioning soon!

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