Link: Inupt for Overcoming Anxiety in Trading

Jun 11, 2007: 8:04 PM CST

Dr. Bruce Hong on his Trading Psychology blog recently began an engaging and interactive discussion on overcoming fears in trading.  Dr. Hong posts a recent email from a deeply capitalized, intelligent trader that is described as:

He now experiences such intense stress while trading that he frequently pulls his entry order, just before it’s hit. His heart rate is elevated and his palms sweat so intensely that he has to keep towels at hand so that he can use his mouse or keyboard!

What follows are various posts from readers and follow-ups from Dr. Hong all designed to help traders overcome their fears and hesitations.

Be sure to read the comment section, as traders share their experiences and tips for how they cope with stress in trading.  This is an expanding post and I suspect you should feel free to contribute if you have additional insights.

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