Link: Is a Bear Market Developing

Nov 24, 2007: 1:48 AM CST

Hale at the Bonddad Blog recently posted a detailed assessment of the current intermarket conditions in his post “Is a Bear Market Developing” which absolutely deserves a read and deep thought.

He covers the following five points with a myriad of charts and brief informative comments:

1.) A long-term view of the markets (4-5 years).

2.) An intermediate view of the marker (1 year).

3.) A look at the Russell 2000 and Transportation averages.

4.) A look at market breadth.

5.) A flight to safety in the form of a bond market rally.

He summarizes with a six-point list that is worthy of consideration, and could help you in your market analysis.

See if his analysis is similar to yours, or if there are other angles that could be considered from your individual perspective.

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