Link: Maintaining a Trading Journal

Aug 11, 2007: 8:29 PM CST

We all know that it’s a great idea to keep a trading journal, but how many of us actually do it?

I know you’re thinking “Not another article on trading journals! I’ve read enough already.”

Even if you currently keep a trading journal, and especially if you do not keep one, I highly encourage you read the following article from Toni Hansen regarding Creating and Maintaining a Trading Journal. She has a few points, and qualms, you may not have considered!

If you have not heard of Toni Hansen, check her out. Her eponymous site is Toni offers services and education, as well as Free Trading Lessons. She also offers a free subscription to her daily market analysis geared for day and swing traders. It is a very helpful service.

I am including a few quotes from Toni’s article on Trading Journals:

“A trading journal is probably the most important, and most often neglected, tool in determining your success or failure in the market.”

“It is a great deal more constructive to use charts in your trading journal.”

“Not having enough time is one of the biggest excuses I have heard for not keeping a trading journal. A chart is easy to print out and you can mark it up pretty quickly.”

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