Link: Opportunities from the Wave Principle Webinar

Aug 10, 2013: 9:44 AM CST

I wanted to highlight an educational opportunity from Jeffery Kennedy’s upcoming Wednesday August 14th webinar “Uncover Hidden Opportunities from the Wave Principle.

Jeffrey is the lead commodity analyst at EWI and has just released a new book “Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading” (Bloomberg Finance) and he will be presenting a 45-minute educational/introductory webinar for those interested in learning more about Elliott Wave as an analysis and trading technique.

The webinar will cover:

  • Five core Elliott wave patterns and how to recognize them on your charts
  • What to look for in a high-quality trade setup
  • How to add confidence to your outlook with supporting technical indicators
  • When to take action and when to walk away

If you’re completely new to the Elliott Wave principle, or have had intermittent success applying the rules to real-time charts, this webinar may be helpful as an educational resource.

I am an affiliate of Club EWI and support their trader education outreach and encourage traders to apply their own interpretation of Elliott Wave into strategies and concepts they’re already using (not simply using Elliott Wave in isolation).

Jeffrey will discuss how to interpret Wave Patterns with indicators, which is where I’ve found the principle helpful, particularly in spotting divergences at the end of a visual 5-wave impulse (on any timeframe) or finding the strength/confirmation (‘kick-off’) at what appears to be a third wave developing (which is another way of saying “pro-trend strength”).  Wave Patterns can also aid identification of “flag” or retracement events or even Head and Shoulders reversal events (again, with divergences).

For more information on Jeffrey and to register for the free event, visit their “Webinar Information and Registration” Link page.


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