Link: Overcoming “Frozen with Fear” Syndrome

Jul 6, 2007: 7:16 PM CST

Active Options Trader posted a pertinent quote from coach Heather Walter entitled “I Think I Can!”

He references the childhood story of “The Little Engine that Could” and describes how determination and perspective can help you achieve your goals.  Often this burning desire comes after a few failures that cause us to dig deeper and realize we have what it takes to overcome any reasonable obstacle.

Here are a few quotes from the post:

“It was when he changed his focus – alerted his perspective – that he felt powerful. In fact, it seemed the more he believed in himself the stronger he felt, and the easier the climb became. His new focus became his new reality!”

“… choose the reality you wish to create, not the one you’re afraid might occur.”

Browse over and check out the entire quote and think about your “hills” in life and in trading and know that you have the power to overcome obstacles if you keep studying, learning, and trying.  Do not give up.

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