Link: Paul Castro’s Blog at Vestopia

Jun 30, 2007: 9:08 AM CST

I wanted to highlight a blog and service some of you may not be aware of yet.

Paul Castro is an author and investment director at  and he provides timely analysis on the market and news events, including his recent post “Tick-Tock” which is definitely worth consideration.

In the post, Mr. Castro discusses various points regarding China’s $5 billion investment in the recent Blackstone Group IPO, the fact that foreign purchases of US equities reached a record in April 2007 (foreigners purchased a total of $28.1B worth of US equities… the last time this happened was February 2000), implications of a falling bullish percentage reading on point and figure charts, and an interesting take on the “trucker” indicator (read to find out what that is!).

For those who wish to subscribe to his free service (invitations limited), he provides deeper analysis and also a listing of all the transactions he has entered or is monitoring (has buy orders in the market) for entry.

Head over to his blog, check out some of his posts, and learn from his unique perspective.  Momentum or certain swing traders will be rewarded, as his style of investment approach utilizes those skills and pattern recognitions.


3 Responses to “Link: Paul Castro’s Blog at Vestopia”

  1. ArizonaChartist Says:

    Thanks for the props, Corey! I very much enjoy reading your blog as you often say what I am thinking either better than I could or in a different way that will resonate with people. Keep up the great work and good trading!

  2. Daniel Says:

    That’s an interesting one. What’s this Vestopia?

  3. Corey Says:


    VesTopia is a relatively new service that has been introduced and it is showing great promise.
    You can learn more about it at but my summary is that the site aggregates selected financial professionals (not just random people) and allows them to post their perspectives through a blog but more importantly, it links to their actual trading accounts and pulls data into a portfolio of actual trades.

    The main idea is that instead of someone posting their results on a blog/website – where the results could be fabricated – the actual numbers posted are actual trades from real trading accounts. In essence, these pioneers are putting their trading reputation on the line and revealing real, documented results. If you have a favorite author, you can subscribe and see those actual trades in real-time and receive updates when trades are executed.

    Seeking Alpha provided a review of Vestopia and CoVestor which I recommend checking out. Many traders are excited about this new service and I highly recommend studying more about it.