Link: Really Scary Fed Charts

Mar 4, 2008: 2:36 PM CST

Ben at The Financial Ninja blog posted examples of “Really Scary Federal Reserve Charts,” in which he discusses some alarming facts straight from the Federal Reserve.

Ben makes good use of the Federal Reserve website of St. Louis, which I had highlighted in a previous post about the coolness of the data available to you there.

Notice the ‘scariest’ chart, which discusses that non-borrowed bank reserves have gone negative.

Just a few months ago, non-borrowed reserves were above $40 billion and now they are negative.

I’ve heard other commentaries on this particular chart and concept, and I’m not qualified at all to discuss them, but I wanted to point out this chart to those who have not seen it yet.

Ben further lists six points and briefly yet concisely explains the charts he collected from the Fed’s website, and leads to a most interesting conclusion:

“Bottom callers in general will become extinct. Those calling for specific bottoms, in financials and real estate for example, will become extinct first.”

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