Link: Society and Trading

Dec 5, 2007: 1:47 AM CST

The TyroTrader presented interesting thoughts in “Society and Trading” which questions how much social support you receive from your friends and family while pursuing a career as a retail trader.

He references Nassim Talib’s book Black Swan and addresses differences between a society in which everyone works diligently day by day to make a decent but not extravagant salary with a separate society in which there are some ‘superstars’ who seem not to work at all yet make disproportionately more than others in the society.

Tyro takes this comparison into a personal challenge and addresses some of the difficulties at-home full-time traders face from others who feel they are not contributing to society or earning a decent wage.  He then asks what your support structure is like and challenges you to think about some of these concepts in his post.

Read the post for more information and the complete though process and see how it applies to your situation.

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