Link: Sources on Sector Rotation

Jul 14, 2007: 9:45 PM CST

The Author at Simply Options Trading recently provided five professional links and two blog links regarding Sector Rotation Theory and I wanted to direct you to the site to check out those resources. 

I won’t steal the thunder by reposting the links, but will advocate you to visit the site and glance over a few other posts as well.  Although the site is themed towards options traders, many traders of various levels can benefit from the analysis and links on the site.

I wanted to add a thank you to the author for providing a link to Afraid to Trade – I indeed frequently discuss various perspectives from the Sector Rotation Model and hold it to be a major core of my trading philosophy.  I have recommended a few books on the subject and have provided a brief overview of the theory and have attempted to show readers how to put it into practice.

Please learn more about the subject if the concept is new to you, and Simply Options Trading provides a great source for you to get started finding out where the “big money” is flowing (trending) at this moment and where it is likely to continue.


2 Responses to “Link: Sources on Sector Rotation”

  1. Reno Says:

    btw, I think the author is a “she” not a “he” if I recall correctly 🙂

  2. Corey Says:

    My apologies! Thanks for pointing that out!