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Jun 23, 2007: 6:06 PM CST

Dr. Steenbarger recently shared his personal story with readers regarding a recent life-threatening medical emergency he encountered.  We are so glad he is doing better and that he has shared his experience with us, including lessons learned.

Not only do the three lessons relate back to trading, but to life in general. 

Dr. Brett’s three lessons are as follows (without explanation – see his site for elaboration):

  1. A Little Knowledge Can be Dangerous
  2. Advocate for Yourself
  3. Networking Can be Your Best Survival Tool

There is so much more to life than trading, and sometimes we get so caught up in trying to increase returns, or some of us could be classified as “addicted to the market,” but the reality is that trading and investing should be only part of our lives – perhaps (for those who are successful) it’s the means to enhance the quality of life, but trading is not life.

Experiences like this slam us back to reality and force us to step back and reassess what’s important in our lives.  Trading can provide so many wonders but it can also rob us of so much if we are not careful.  Either way, trading success must be pursued as a means to and end (happiness, financial security, mental accomplishment, etc) and not the end (ultimate goal) itself. 

Study the market diligently, learn from your mistakes, but at the end of the day, walk away and spend time with those most important to you and do the things that bring happiness to your life and to the lives of others.

Thank you, Dr. Brett, for sharing this harrowing experience with your readers.

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