Link: Umbrellas Cause Rain

Mar 24, 2008: 7:09 PM CST

I had to show you this humerus but thought-provoking post by Adam at Daily Options Report entitled “Stop Trading!  Umbrellas Cause Rain!“.

I’ve always loved how Adam refers to Jim Cramer as “Lord Voldemort,” and this post is no exception.  In this brief analysis which contains plenty of “Cramer Quotes,” Adam discusses how Cramer responded to his horrific call in Bear Stearns and the recent market downturn in general.

“It was the short-sellers on a bear-raid and also the elimination of the up-tick rule!”

I’m with Adam as he writes, “This whole line of thought is annoying. It’s designed to displace blame from some lousy stock pick that would surely have been correct had not those mean old shorts gotten in the way.”

The whole post adds a little levity to your day and gets you seeing the other side of the ‘popular’ financial media that it’s sometimes best as an active trader to avoid.

Check it out and see what you think for yourself!


2 Responses to “Link: Umbrellas Cause Rain”

  1. adam Says:

    many thanks. A little long I have to admit in retropect.

    Jeff Macke ended a post on MV today with this “The game is rigged. Trade accordingly”. I think Cramer’s point here is kind of silly, but even there’s some modicum of validity to it, it STILL serves no purpose to whine about it.

  2. Corey Rosenbloom Says:


    Oh gosh. Well it’s very easy to think the game is rigged and maybe to an extent some things are but certainly not the whole game!

    It’s been over 100 days (maybe more) since I watched the Cramer show. I got to where I watched it for fun but just couldn’t take it any longer. If I’m ever feeling down, I’ll be sure to watch his show for some pick-me-ups.

    Thanks for the article, Adam! No worries that it was long. I loved it all!