Link: What Happens Next After a Fall?

Jul 27, 2007: 10:23 AM CST

After yesterday’s market decline, so many bloggers provided their thoughts on what will happen next, either from a sentiment standpoint or a historical standpoint.

I wanted to highlight a few of these posts for deeper study:

Dr. Steenbarger not only provides a commentary of his own, but he provides excellent links that I highly recommend visiting as well – it’s in his post Views on a Bearish Market: What Comes Next?

TraderMike provided one of the clearest, easy to understand simplified perspectives on Thursday’s decline at his post Technical Damage on Record Volume. Especially, check out his point-by-point list of factors currently happening.

Dr. Duru sticks his neck out in the post “Give This Market Some Credit” and notes – as I did – that things really aren’t all that bad and that the panic may not be justified… yet. A few more things have to happen to get very bearish and they haven’t happened yet. What are they? Check out the post.

The consensus seems to be “hold back on your fears” – these instances have provided good buying opportunities and the bears have been confounded time and time again – don’t sell just yet.

Be a bit cautious but patient and prudent in this market climate – we may see volatility return a bit but it should settle in time. 

Be safe… but not inactive. 

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