Link: When Trading Performance Falls off a Cliff

Dec 8, 2007: 11:25 AM CST

Congratulations to Dr. Steenbarger at the TraderFeed blogspot for its two year anniversary!

Dr. Steenbarger’s site was one of the first blogs I discovered and have read almost every day, and I have gained so much insight from reading his posts, and I wanted to extend an extra word of thanks for his support of this site and for the amazing posts he provides each and every day.

He provides insights and challenges not found in the larger trading community, and his mantra “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comforted” is extremely unique in this field.

It’s been said before, but I still don’t know how he does it! As a blogger, it is difficult work to communicate effectively and intelligently each and every day, yet Brett does so extraordinarily well.

I wanted to call special attention as well to his recent post entitled “When Trading Performance Falls off a Cliff.

In it, he discusses reasons why traders who have been doing well suddenly experience unexpected or sustained drawdowns, or periods of significantly lower performance.

Not only does he discuss reasons why this experience may happen (it might not be 100% performance related), but he provides six suggestions from his work with traders that can help you overcome such periods of negative performance.

Go give Brett a note of congratulations and check out this post if you have been experiencing a period of sub-par performance, especially in this environment of heightened market volatility.

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