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Oct 21, 2007: 11:40 PM CST

I had an amazing trip to Chicago, and I intend to post more on that in the coming week, but first, here are some quick links to start your week:

Smart Money Tracker: “The Real Bull Market… Commodities!” Shows amazing charts on commodities and how they have appreciated.

Smart Money Tracker: “Trading Against the Odds” “The market is only interested in taking away your money as fast and as unfairly as possible.”

Chris Perruna: “How to Make Money Selling Short” (Includes links to other posts of his, as well as “Characteristics of Longer Term Shorts”)

Phil’s Stock World: “Hedging Your Way to Fun and Profit”

Phil’s Stock World: “How to Spot a Market Correction a Mile Away”

Trader Gav: “Tools for the Trader: A World Clock on your Desktop” Helpful if you trade FOREX or certain electronic futures contracts

Lauriston Letter: “Europeans Flee from Funds in Droves” A brief pararagph

TraderFeed: “…Other Ideas for a New Market Week”

Trading Goddes: “Time to Buy the Dips?” From Dogwood, three historical backtests are presented with astounding results after 4, 5, and 6 consecutive down-days

Trading Goddess: “Lots of Ways to Skin a Cat” From Bullish Jim, a discussion on three styles of trading with the question “Were do YOU fit in?”

Trading Goddess: “Where Might the NASDAQ Find Support?”

Trading Goddess: “Companies Reporting Earnings This Week”

Be careful out there!

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  1. Trading Goddess Says:

    Welcome home!

    brrrr! Chicago! Did you bring me back a pizza?

    Thank you for the link love. It is appreciated! 🙂