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Jun 29, 2009: 12:45 PM CST

I had the honor of participating in a lengthy interview with Tim Bourquin of and I wanted to provide the link that is now posted for you to click over and hear the full interview for free.

Tim is the Co-Founder of the highly popular Traders Expo – three conferences each year that bring traders together to interact with market professionals and educators – and also runs the popular website (online since 2006) in which Tim interviews popular traders and digs into them to tell their specific strategies, background, experience, and trading style.

Please visit the site if you aren’t aware of it already – Tim conducts and posts four interviews per month that are archived in easy format.  Members (click link to learn more information) receive access to all interviews as well as notification when a new interview is released.

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For my interview, we discussed my background, how I got started trading, why (and how) I moved from Fundamental Analysis to Technical Analysis, and some of my core trading strategies.

The interview is officially titled “How to Trade Trend and Range Days” (direct link to interview and transcript) where we discuss specific things I look for to determine how the day’s structure is likely to unfold and thus what specific strategies and indicators I will be looking to use once I make a determination.

I think Tim was most surprised when I discussed how the day’s structure determines my position sizing and aggressiveness level, by saying “The last 10 minutes of this interview can’t be missed. That’s where Corey talks about where the real money is made in trading.”

We also discuss ETFs, 3x Leveraged ETFs (and dangers for newer traders), how I explain “Confluence Across Multiple Non-Correlated Strategies” (of which blog readers are aware of my trading and educational style), the “3/10 Oscillator,” and the CMT Program.

There’s a full transcript if you want to print and read it elsewhere, but the video is accessed for free.  It’s 35 minutes in length and I’m thankful for Tim for this opportunity which was a lot of fun.

Here is Tim’s official description of the interview:

“Dedicating two years to a formal grad-school-level trading education is a big commitment. Not everyone is willing to “invest” that kind of time and energy into becoming a successful trader.

But our interviewee for this episode was so dedicated to making himself a success that he did just that and became a Chartered Market Technician (CMT).

Learning and forcing himself to memorize candlestick chart patterns and the workings of hundreds of indicators prepared him to decide for himself which ones worked best in his own trading style.

Here we talk to Corey Rosenbloom about the specific moving averages he uses and why he relies so heavily on something called the 3/10 Oscillator.

We also talk about how his major focus on “confluence across multiple non-correlated events” leads him to profits regularly.

It sounds complicated, but listen closely to his interview and you’ll realize how truly simple his strategies are.”

* * *

On a related note, my presentation “Idealized Trade Set-ups for Intraday Traders” will be rebroadcast FREE on July 1st at 12:00 noon EST at the  I’ll be participating in a live chat so you can ask questions as the presentation continues just like you were there.

You’ll need to register at the (which is free) which also grants you access to so many more interviews, free presentations, and educational content.

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT


7 Responses to “Listen to Corey’s Interview with Tim Bourquin of TraderInterviews”

  1. Matt Says:

    Corey, just listened to the interview and great job. I've probably learned more intraday strategies, concepts, and visuals from you than anywhere period. Thanks again for sharing your learning experiences with all of us in order make our daily trading lives that much better & profitable. I look forward to your subscription service. I'll be signing up and I've never paid for a service from anyone (besides a broker.) Thanks again.

  2. Corey Rosenbloom, CMT Says:

    Thanks Matt! I try to be unselfish in sharing what I've learned – I've been fortunate to have many sources and inspirations so it's only fair to give back.

    The subscription service – both the “Ideal Trades” each day and the weekly “Intermarket” will go live and be open for new members on July 1st!

  3. Matt Says:

    Awesome, looking forward to it!

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  5. tuxedos Says:

    Hey, just wanna thank you I'm gradually learning new concept and strategy on trading. You're a genius.

  6. tuxedos Says:

    Hey, just wanna thank you I'm gradually learning new concept and strategy on trading. You're a genius.

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