Making the Most of the Traders Expo Part I: Scheduling

Nov 24, 2007: 1:50 AM CST

newyork.jpgFor those of you who have attended, or plan to attend a Traders Expo or MoneyShow conference, I wanted to create a series to help you make the most of your time at the convention and maximize your investment in attending.

In this first installment, I wanted to discuss how to divide your time into attending the myriad of seminars for each time period.

The Traders Expo divides classes or presentations into usually one and a half hour segments of time with fifteen minute breaks in-between sessions.

If you look at the program, there are usually 9 or 10 (or more!) sessions/presentations that occur at EACH time block. How do you pick and choose which ones you want to attend?!

1) Scan through the program online prior to attending

Go through each time period and place a dot next to the ones you are interested in attending. Do this for every time period and don’t worry about conflicts yet. Only highlight/mark the sessions that interest you most. Hint: The writers mark sessions geared to FOREX, options, futures, etc traders clearly with a symbol. You can plan easier this way if you’re interested in, or not interested in a particular market.

2) Formalize selections without conflicts

If there happens to be only one seminar you wish to attend during a particular period, select it and move on.

3) Narrow down selections that have time conflicts to the most interesting top two

Choose the two two seminars which sound the MOST interesting to you and see if you can find out more information on these seminars before attending. If not, then narrow down your selection by talking to others who may have heard the particular speaker before, or perhaps have attended one of the sessions at a prior Expo. Of course, always check to see if one of the particular seminars will be offered again later in the day or on another day. Some seminars are offered word-for-word at a different time or day, in which, you can attend at that time and solve the conflict.

4) When at the Expo, review updates to the program and finalize selections

Sometimes, the schedule may change for any reason, but not usually. The most common change will be a room change only, which is fine. The key is to know where you’re going before you go so that you don’t waste time deciding in the brief 15 minutes between sessions. Also, with planning ahead, you maximize your time at the Expo.

Always take advantage of the knowledge and experience of other traders in assessing their thoughts or views if you have questions about which session to attend.

Recall that sessions are often divided into the following categories:

  • Product (Sponsored) Presentation
  • Live Trading Challenge
  • Panel Discussion
  • Educational (Techniques/Tactics, etc)
  • Broad Market Discussion (outlook ahead)
  • “How to” Beginner sessions

There are a few other categories you’ll find, but these are the major ones. When selecting, be sure you know what you will be hearing in a seminar.

Do not attend a sponsored presentation expecting to hear pure educational content.

Do not attend broad market discussions expecting to hear product endorsements.

Do not expect ‘live trading challenges’ to be as informative (educational) as structured classroom events.


Some seminars will have a small “CD” icon by them, meaning that that particular session will be recorded and available for purchase at the end of the Traders Expo. If you are having a difficult time deciding between two interesting seminars at the same time, it might be best to attend the one live that is NOT recorded and then buy the other seminar at the end or when you get home.

Also, some seminars will have a “Web” icon, meaning that the presentation was also recorded, but will be offered free after you return home, provided you register to the website to view the presentation. Again, if you’re having a difficult time deciding, wait until you get home to view these sessions and attend the one that is not recorded at that time slot.

Remember that, if at any given time, there are NO sessions that you want to attend, the Exhibitor’s Hall (where you can demo products from the cutting edge of the trading world) at any time.

Stay tuned for more tips!

(views expressed are my own from my experience and may not reflect the views of InterShow – no compensation was given for this article)


3 Responses to “Making the Most of the Traders Expo Part I: Scheduling”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Corey – I did buy the CD package of sessions. There are 16 total I think and the price was $130. Only two of the sessions I attended and there was 4 I really wanted to go to. I will tell if it is worth it once I get to hear them.

  2. Corey Rosenbloom Says:

    Sounds good! I’m glad they make this option available to attendees. There really are so many sessions to choose from and it helps narrow down the choices, plus gives ‘on-demand’ access whenever you want to relive a seminar or listen to it from a fresh perspective.


  3. MatthewBledsoe Says:

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