March 24 International ETF Color Grid Shows Two Strong Countries

Mar 24, 2015: 9:59 AM CST

Which two country ETFs are breaking out to new highs in a continuing uptrend?

And which ones – on the grid – lag behind?

Let’s take a quick update on a portion of our International ETF (Country) Grid:

On the selected country ETFs above, two jump out as relative strength leaders:

EWL Switzerland

EWJ Japan

Not to be outdone, Germany (EWG) closely trails these ETFs which are “Strong Getting Stronger.”

Generally, what it strong tends to get stronger, and a good strategy is to focus your attention on relative strength leadership and enter on pullbacks or breakouts accordingly.

While those three names are strong, which countries are trailing behind, showing Relative Weakness?

EWC Canada

EWW Mexico

The other listed ETFs are in the midpoint or rallying up off a reversal pattern low.

Continue studying these and other Country ETFs for a global sense of money flow and leadership.

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