Market Club Q1 Trade Triangle Results Revealed

Apr 4, 2008: 8:50 AM CST

Adam Hewison of Market Club fame recently released the trading profit results from their “Trade Triangle” technology service.

In one of his classic Trader’s Whiteboard brief videos, Hewison released their performance for the first quarter and how members were able to benefit from their signals from the markets they follow.

Hewison writes:

2008 has already been a roller-coaster ride. The after-shock of record high oil prices, the sub-prime disaster and the credit crunch still have a profound impact on market direction. However the “Trade Triangle” technology once again prevailed in uneasy times.

Of course it would be easy to show you the results for a cherry picked group of great performers. However, to show consistency we have analyzed the same commodities, indexes and precious metals that we have used for our quarter results in 2007. We are sing the same “Trade Triangle” method to show how you could have entered and exited the market with limited losses and plentiful profits.

The “Trade Triangle” technology can work for all types of traders. By working a filtering method into your trading plan, you are reducing risk and putting the odds in your favor that the market will move in the direction of a longer term trend.

If you are interesting in learning more about the Market Club service, see how they really did and if the service might be for you. Beyond the “trade triangle” technology signals, they offer daily commentary, analysis, various scans, blog posts, videos, and allow you to host your own portfolio on the site.

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