May 1 Post-Fed Creeping Uptrend Intraday Update

May 1, 2014: 12:35 PM CST

It’s the day after the April 30th Federal Reserve announcement and the market continues its upward drift.

Let’s take a mid-day moment to recap the current levels, sector breadth, and trending intraday stock candidates.

Our S&P 500 intraday snapshot shows a clear rising trend – even rising parallel trendlines – which means we’ll likely continue seeing additional upside price action within the structure until we see a breakdown of the rising trendline (currently intersecting 1,883).

Remember, when price rises and breaks resistance, the short-sellers (bears) help push price higher with their collectives stop-losses (short squeeze).

Nevertheless, continue monitoring price relative to the important 1,885/1,886 reference level (bull above; cautious under).

Our Sector Breadth Grid reveals a mixed picture of money flow:

The last two sessions have shown bullish money flow during our mid-day update and indeed price continued to trend higher throughout the rest of the session.

Today however, we see a mixed picture where sector breadth is strong in BOTH the Offensive/Risk-On Sectors (Financials, Discretionary, and Technology) and the Defensive/Risk-Off Sectors (Health Care and Utilities).

Sector Breadth reveals caution and a hint of bearishness throughout the rest of the trading day.

Finally, let’s update our top uptrending stock candidates for the day:

Whole Foods Market (WFM), American Tower Corp (AMT), Visa (V), and CBRE Group (CBG).

Our downtrending candidates include Airgas Inc (ARG), Carnival Corp (CCL – back on the list), Murphy Oil (MUR), and Cardinal Health Inc (CAH).

To follow-up on yesterday’s educational Fed Day lesson, be sure to read the post “A Quick Tip on Trading Fed Days.”

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