Mid-Sunday Weekend Links

Jul 15, 2007: 9:49 AM CST

linkIn the past, I have provided individual site links with a short summary/analysis designed for each link.  Now, because I am reading more blogs and finding many more high quality links, I’ve decided to offer a few posts containing multiple links with fewer summaries per link.

Here are a few links that are definately worth studying:

The Big Picture:  Hulbert’s Four Big Lessons:

  1. Returns in excess of 20% to 25% annualized are unsustainable.
  2. There is more than one road to riches
  3. Discipline is the premier investment virtue.
  4. Past performance is a helpful guide to picking an adviser — if it is measured over a long-enough period.

The Big Picture:  This is a Bullsh*t Rally

Chris Perruna.com:  The Holy Grail of Trading – It’s NOT Your System

Dr. Steenbarger at TraderFeed:  Three Good Questions to Ask About Your Trading

  1. How many set-ups do you trade?
  2. What are the outcomes of your largest vs. smallest trades?
  3. Is the distribution of your long and short trades consistent with the market’s direction at the next largest timeframe?

Trade2Win.com:  What is the Risk of Ruin? (if you don’t know, please find out quickly)

Trade4Cash:  2002 – What a Year it Was (historical analysis of the Dow)

Lauriston Letter:  Dollar Falls to a Record Low on Growth & Rates

StockBee:  How can the Market Wizards be so Wrong (homework to do)

StockBee:  List of Summer Reading Books from the Author

VIX and More:  The 5% VIX Rule/Strategy

Kevin’s Market Blog:  The ATR – What it is and how to use it  (Average True Range – I use this frequently in my trading)

Dr. Bruce Hong:  Herd Behavior and Other Curiosities (part I)
                                  Herd Behavior and Other Curiosities (part II)

The Fresh Trader:  Understanding the Stock Market – Series on Crowd Psychology (a must read for beginners)

My apologies if I missed a major post this week.   

If you have a link you would like to recommend to me, please let me know.  I am branching out on my blog reading list and am always looking for new resources! 


2 Responses to “Mid-Sunday Weekend Links”

  1. Deborah Says:

    All weekend the blogs I look at have been recommending other blogs…

    I’m sure there is a model of exponential growth that could be applied here…

    One that I found to read this week that I found interesting is http://carnivalofpersonalfinance.com/.

    For this one I think it is every week (maybe 2) that someone volunteers to review and do a summary on posts submitted by readers. I guess a summary is not quite the right word, because the volunteer does not have to include all submissions, only the ones they found of interest and very brief summary about what they’ve chosen.

    Maybe the model should be of transcedental growth or something…

  2. Corey Says:


    Thank you for the comment and the good idea.

    I’ve been thinking about the same issue for a while and the only solution was to try to recommend other posts as a group rather than individually, as I have been doing. I’m trying this for the first time to see how it works for my readers, and I hope it will be helpful.

    Each blog has its own slant on the market, and how to make sense of information. Each blog is unique and recommends slightly different content – or better said, the author finds value in certain posts from other writers and links to them, believing they will have value for their own readers.

    For me, I like to focus on posts relating to overall trading systems, overall market observations, psychological aspects, ‘homework’ style posts, etc. I avoid linking to major headlines or major news that is read by all. I’m sure my strategy will evolve, as readers give me feedback.

    I do like the link you have provided and will be checking it out further. Thank you.