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Feb 26, 2007: 5:53 PM CST

Here, I post part of my personal trading strategy and what I look for to identify watchlist candidates, entry targets, risk zones, and trade management.In the open blog, I discuss the following strategies briefly:

Momentum Divergences
The “Impulse Buy”
Sector Rotation/Sector Strength and Weakness (hedging strategies)
Playing Against the Crowd
Fading Classic Technical Analysis Patterns
“Perversion” Trades (capitalize on euphoria and greed from classic patterns)
Intermarket Analysis Insights
Trend Beginning and “Sweet Spots” in the Data
How to Trade a Bull Flag

For categorizing the overall market, I will be discussing:

The Four Principles of Market Behavior
The Four Main Trade Set-ups across any time frames (and how they are derived from the Four Rules)
Market Profile and Dynamic Behavior
What is Meant by Price “Structure?”
The Three Basic Rules of Elliott Wave

In response to the indicators I use, particularly the morphed MACD or “3/10 Oscillator,” I wrote a post entitled “How I Setup My Charts” for reference.

Insights on the 3/10 Oscillator (construction and definitions).

I offer educational, private mentorship opportunities. Contact me to see how we can design a plan for you which addresses these topics and many more foundational concepts in a structured, guided method of interaction on an individual level at your own pace. Contact me directly at for more information as to how I can help get you on the right track to trading success.

stocktickrinterv2.jpgI classify myself as a risk-averse, analyst trader and am most comfortable with short-term trades including semi-scalping, day trading, and swing trading. I am moving more to position trading using sector rotation strategies, as the edge and risk/reward ratios are overwhelming when capturing a trend ’sweet spot’.

You may also hear my interview with Andrew Horowitz at the Disciplined Investor (podcast) for a small discussion on my strategies.

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    works with your personal risk tolerance - that's what matters.

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  • Scalp Traders look to take advantage of very short term trading opportunities. By entering and exiting a trade within a minute or two, develops confidence for the beginner trader, trading consistently without fear and without big drawdowns.

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