New Hewison Video: Where is the Bottom in Crude Oil

Nov 7, 2008: 10:41 AM CST

Just a day after I asked the same question, Adam Hewison of the Market Club released a nine-minute video and analysis of crude oil and explained their trading signals as well as tactics for trading with the recent trend that are of great interest.

The video is entitled:  “Where is the Bottom in Crude Oil” and is made available free to readers here, as well as a portion of the text copied with permission (as a commissioned affiliate).

Let Adam interpret the proprietary trade signals via their Market Club “Trade Triangle” technology and let him walk you through this chart step-by-step:

Hewison writes:

“I’m sure as a trader you’ve heard the expression, the “trend is your friend.” That was never more true than today as crude oil (NYMEX_CL) crashed to new lows and the stock market resumed its downward trend.

Today we are focusing on crude oil and the reason why it fell to new lows. We’re also going to be looking at all of the “Trade Triangle” signals that we have received on crude oil since last July. The video is about nine minutes long and I highly recommend you watch it, simply because it shows you just how powerful trends can be.

The video also shows you why price action is more important than fundamentals. If you have a few minutes, please take the time to watch the video and learn how the markets really work.

Since Barack Obama was named President elect, we can see how the markets have reacted at least in the short-term. Maybe not a reflection of Obama’s potential as a president, maybe a reality check for problems in the economy. Not even the record cut in interest rates by the UK could help the markets today.”

He demonstrates the six weekly trading signals since July, of which four yielded good profits with two losing trades that yielded small losses.

Perfect timing on Adam’s part!  View my post “Just How Low can Crude Oil Go?” for my previous analysis.

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  1. david Says:

    Good advertisement for the traders club propriety system. Hope your Well Corey.