New Introduction to the Wave Principle Video

Feb 10, 2017: 5:44 PM CST

If you’veĀ  never heard of the Elliott Wave Principle, or want a quick intro-level refresher, check out this video I wanted to bring to your attention from my colleague Jeffrey Kennedy.

He’s just posted a 15-min educational overview to get you started on your journey.

The Wave Principle provides context to market moves so you can forecast the future direction.

In this video, Jeffrey Kennedy shows you how to take it to the next level to use it to improve your trading success.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 6 ways the Wave Principle improves trading
  • The best waves to trade
  • How to set your protective stops for the major Elliott wave patterns
  • How to determine price targets
  • A checklist every trader should use before entering a trade

This video gives you the first 15-minutes of one of our top-selling online courses. And it yours, free!

I’ve worked with Jeffrey over the years and support his educational outreaches to the trading community.

Go ahead! Check it out and increase your knowledge today.


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