New John Carter Video on How to Find Stocks Before Hedge Funds Get In

May 22, 2015: 6:30 AM CST

I really found John Carter’s new video training interesting and learned a few facts I had never considered before.

Hedge funds can propel a low-priced stock higher and John shares a few insights in a new video about what factors often precede these explosive price movements.

Money rotates within the stock market and there are methods to track this movement.

After showing his live account and how this strategy has performed for him this year, John highlights where money is leaving and where it’s likely headed within the market in the near-term future.

John’s video is ambitiously titled “Why NOW is the Best Time to Buy Stocks” but he isn’t referring to the entire market – just specific stocks and areas within it.

Click on over to the video and enjoy the training (I always enjoy Carter’s informative yet engaging teaching style) and get ready for a webinar from my colleague John Carter who I’m always happy and enthusiastic to support.


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