New Sessions Added and Current Schedule for June Dallas Traders Expo

May 26, 2011: 4:16 PM CST

It really is coming up faster than it seems and will be here before you know it!

I wanted to post a reminder to go ahead and register for the upcoming Dallas Traders Expo in June (15th to 18th) this year in Dallas.

Here’s just a small list of some of the free presentations/classroom sessions you’ll be able to attend:

Two presentations from “Gap-Guy” Scott Andrews:

“Trading the Gap Using Historical Probabilities”
“Stop Guessing!  Focusing on the Top Gap Trading Stocks”

S&B Capital’s Mike Bellafiore“From Good to Great: Using the Principles of Elite Performance to Grow Your P&L”

Four from DTI’s Tom Busby (including a Live Trading Challenge):

“Tape Reading and Technical Analysis – A Marriage Made in Heaven”

Well-respected Technician Tom DeMark:  “New and Exciting Market Timing Indicators

Trading for a Living author Alexander Elder: “My Favorite Trading Tools”

Pattern Trader Leslie Jouflas“Learn to Profit Using Harmonic Numbers and Repetitive Swings”

Options Guru/Expert Larry McMillian:  “Using Option Data as a Forecasting Tool”

Three presentations from Market Geometry master Tim Morge:

“Understanding Market Structure with Median Lines”
“How Millionaire Wall Street Traders Learned to Trade”
“The Language of Price–Learn the Importance of Tape Reading”

Two from CyberTrading University Founder Fausto Pugliese:

“Be a Practical Trader, Not an Emotional One”
“Take Your Trading to the Next Level…Literally”

AlphaTrends founder (and StockTwitter) Brian Shannon“Finding the Right Stocks at the Right Time”

LBR Group’s very energetic Chris Terry: “Success in the Markets–Technically and Mentally

Two from respected trader and best-selling author Toni Turner:

“Three Moving Average Combinations: How to Trade Them for Profits”
“Be Sector Savvy! Sector ETFs to Trade in Bull and Bear Markets”

And MANY many others … and that’s just the live presentations!

At the Expos, there are plenty of networking events to meet fellow traders – both presenters/bloggers/authors and fellow attendees – where you can make new friends and catch up with existing ones (people often plan meet-ups at the Expo).

Plus, the Exhibit Hall is a great place to catch up on some of the latest software and tools out there.

I’ll also be presenting a free session entitled:

“The Momentum Kickoff: A Simple Yet Powerful Signal to Trade Trend Reversals”

Along with a half-day, premium/intensive session entitled:

“Simplify Your Trading Decisions with Early Recognition – from Entry to Exit”

With the exception of the nine intensive, half-day premium sessions (which require a ticket), all other events and activities/presentations are free – you just pay for hotel and travel to and from Dallas.

As you can probably guess, I’m a huge fan of the Traders Expos and greatly enjoy attending each one and look forward to the interaction and idea-sharing that always takes place throughout the entire conference.

If you’ve never been to an Expo, this is a chance to attend and learn from a wide variety of speakers in a short amount of time.

For more details, check out the Expo homepage for the full roster and schedule (much more than I was able to list above) and I hope to see you in Dallas!

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT

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