New “Understanding Options” eBook for You

Feb 22, 2016: 7:42 AM CST

If you’re new to Options, or just want a concise refresher on the basic strategies and concepts, check out John Carter’s new ebook “Understanding Options.

As a new trader, I took advantage of simple option strategies to trade high-priced stocks for my then small-size account.

Later, I was able to incorporate more advanced strategies as my experience grew over the years.

As you know, I’m a multi-year affiliate and advocate of John Carter’s teachings to the trading community and hope you take advantage of this new book he’s made available for you.

No matter your account size – large or small – you’ll find a strategy that you can use right away.

Click on over to get your free “Understanding Options” ebook compliments of John and his team.

Thanks for your continual outreach and education to the trading community!


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