NewsFlashr Business Blog Editor’s Picks for April 23

Apr 23, 2009: 3:24 PM CST

My weekly ‘Editor’s Picks‘ for the NewsFlashr Business Blog section are now online.  Here are this week’s “Top 8” picks:

Trader Feed shares thoughts on the psychology of trading in Secondary Anxiety and Trader Performance, which is helpful for traders and investors who have suffered losses over the last few months.

Stock Trading to Go shares a list of the Top 5 Economic Indicators to Track with a brief description of each one.

I had to feature this post by Essentials of Trading entitled Conspiracies, Regulations, and Trader Paranoia in which John Forman tries to debunk assumptions many traders have. A must-read for new traders.

VIX and More shares how to Create Your Own VXV Volatility Index. The VXV is a shorter-term version of the VIX Index and you can create your own with these Six Steps.

Wall Street Nation shares a list and a link for more information on the upcoming 94 new ETFs with 3x leverage – for better or worse.

Quantifiable Edges conducts research on “Fear and Greed” and concludes, as we all suspect, that “People are too bullish at tops and too bearish at bottoms.” Now there’s quick research to back it up!

Phil’s Stock World shares with us “How to Buy a Stock for a 15% – 20% Discount” – hint, use options and don’t be afraid to scale in. Phil gives a checklist.

A Dash of Insight shares how to “Recognize an Expert: The Stress Test Issue” with an emphasis on specifics.

Extra PickGaming the Market shares some insight into the financial crisis with references to the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic ship in the post “Too Big to Fail but Not Too Big to Sink

Extra PickTimothy Sykes shares how he uses the new service “Tweetizen” to organize keywords (like stock symbols) to help organize (and simplify) Twitter.  (A link to Tweetizen, a grouping service on Twitter)

Extra PickMish’s Economic Analysis debates whether the Banks Stress Tests will actually be a Cake Walk.

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