NewsFlashr Business Blog Editor’s Picks for Nov 17

Nov 18, 2009: 2:26 PM CST

In a special update from Las Vegas, let’s look at this week’s “Editor’s Picks” from the NewsFlashr Business Blog site:

1.  An excellent bookmark and reference page from Darwin’s Finance: A List of Every ETF Known to Man

2.  John Forman of the Essentials of Trading addresses a reader question on “Market Makers and the Opening Gap” where gaps are explained logically.

3.  An excellent bit of research from Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges on Morning Strength in the TICK (first 30 min) and the positive performance of the market into the close.

4.  From a Dash of Insight, we get two excellent recent posts regarding the US Dollar Index and the Stock Market:

Dollar Weakness and Stock Strength (the data)

Understanding the Debate on the US Dollar

5.  I wanted to highlight two recent posts from the Stock Chartist:

An interesting comparison of Lunar Cycles and Stock Cycles (overlaid)

One View of the Market Future

6.  From My Trader’s Journal, a Six-Month Chart of the Dow Jones Index, showing a widening parallel trendline.

7.  From the Technical Take, a post on “Three Breadth Charts You Won’t See Anywhere Else…” all of which are showing negative divergences.

8.  From Jeflin’s Investment Blog, a lengthy article entitled “Get Real on the Economic Recovery and Stock Rally” which addresses underlying weakness and looks ‘under the numbers.’

Bonus Picks (Because I can only select 8 on the official site and I start at the bottom and work my way up):

The Kirk Report lists “Common Elements of Success

From Prieur du Plessis:  “Plunging Dollar Erodes Non-US Investors’ Returns

From Fund My Mutual Fund:  “Best Performing Stocks of the Decade” (interesting)

From Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed:  “Hypothesize, Strategize, Revise:  How to View the Morning Open” (bookmark post as a reference to trading strategies in general)

From Barry Ritholtz of the Big Picture: “How Does the 2009 Rally Stack Up with the 1982 Rally?

Lots of great reading this week!

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  • Thanks for the link!
    - Alex

  • I would like to add a good one to the list: CEO Trader at:
    Todays subject is about the hidden gems found in extended trading prices. Precious!

  • gappergal

    What a gift! 10Q

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