NewsFlashr Business Blog Update July 15

Jul 15, 2009: 9:53 AM CST

Here is this week’s “Editor’s Picks” from the NewsFlashr Business/Investing Blog section!

Dr. Steenbarger of TraderFeed shares his insights on the “Three Mistakes [he] Sees Most Traders Making.” Are you making one of them?

Trader’s Narrative shares graphs and thoughts on the 18 Year Stock and Commodity Market Cycles.

The Disciplined Investor interviews Frank Curzio on how to research a stock using both Fundamental and Technical analysis – great for newer and intermediate traders.

Phil’s Stock World takes a look at the current market structure and the reaction of Intel’s earnings and critical levels to watch on the market.

A Dash of Insight examines “Confidence, the Economy, and the Fed’s Balance Sheet” and walks us through various statistics and charts as well as great commentary on the topics.

Random Roger shares his thoughts on ETF Ratings and notes some of the shortcoming of ratings on these securities.

The Stock Chartist takes a look at ‘charting’ as an art and notes that “The Future is in the Eye of the Beholder”.

The Technical Take examines new research on “Moving Average Models” and looks at popular models. My favorite quote is at the end: “As we all know, the market will do its best to confuse the most.”

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