NewsFlashr Business Blogs Editor Picks for April 25

Apr 25, 2010: 5:24 PM CST

With April 2010 coming to a close, let’s take a look at the Editor’s Picks from the NewsFlashr Business Blog section for the week ahead.

1.  Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed shares with us Core Ideas of Trading Psychology.

2.  Charles Kirk (Kirk Report) shares with us a Q&A on Trading Percentages and Management.

3.  Andrew HorowitzGreece and other Problematic CDS Levels

4.  Investment PostcardsAre we There Yet” in the Investor Psychology Cycle (with great reference chart).

5.  Two posts from John Forman of the Essentials of Trading:

Taking the Trading Long-Term View

FOREX Rollover and Carry Explained

6.  Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges Examining TraderFeed’s EEM:SPY Sentiment Indicator with research and commentary.

7.  Options for Rookies Real World Example on whether to Exercise an Option at Expiration

8.  A Dash of Insight shares a commentary on “Predictions vs Forecasts

Additional Picks:

ZeroHedgeThe Six Primary Strategies of High Frequency Trading

SMB Training“It’s the Price Action, Stupid!” and “How to Get Back In

DShortSixteen Dow Jones Recoveries

Slope of Hope: New Highs – New Lows Commentary

TraderFeedA Few Things that I Believe – Observations

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