NewsFlashr Editor Picks for April 3rd

Apr 4, 2009: 11:30 AM CST

I have selected this week’s Top Editor’s Picks from the NewsFlashr Business Blog section.  Here are the selections:

Timothy Sykes – writing from Aspen! – shares with us his thoughts on “How Often Should You be Thinking About the Stock Market?” Hint: Be sure to balance priorities – and relax.

Dr. Brett Steenbarger shares a personal experience and discusses one “Secret to Life Success” which can be comforting in troubled economic times.

Fund My Mutual Fund shares some interesting thoughts on the disassociation of stock markets and economics – asking the question, “Might the stock market no longer be a good predictor of the economy?” Whatever your thoughts, it’s worth a read.

Condor Options shares thoughts on Options, Timing, and Risk Management.

If you’re having trouble figuring out all the possibilities of your next options trade, VIX and More shares a helpful “Opportunity Matrix” you can use to help make your decision.

Rob Hanna shares research on a Simple Short-Selling System (related to the 200 day SMA). In addition, he shares results on Large Gaps Up After the Market has Already Risen.

Dash of Insight tackles a huge topic in a succinct post: Politics and Investing.

Futronomics details perspectives on how the “Social Mood has Turned Ugly.” At the end is a compelling video including person interviews with teens on their perspective for the future.

So, what does a trillion dollars look like if you stood next to it? And how does it compare visually with a million dollars and a billion dollars? Grindstone Financial has the answer.

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