NewsFlashr Editor Picks for Labor Day 2009

Sep 7, 2009: 1:23 PM CST

It’s time for a holiday weekend edition of the NewsFlashr Business Blog Editor’s Picks for Labor Day 2009!

(First Labor Day “parade” – New York, 1882 – source “Wikipedia Labor Day“)

1.  Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed published a string of posts on System/Discretionary Trading that give traders something to study:

Developing a Trading System to Support Discretionary Traders

An Intraday Look at the Transition Trading System

Automated Trading Systems and Discretionary Trading

Further Conceptual Foundation for Transitional Swing Trading System

2.  Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor released a Podcast with Harld Evensky as they discuss “Is Modern Portfolio Theory Dead?” Also, they examine current market conditions as always and discuss the “September Almanac”

3.  From a Dash of Insight, a thought-provoking post on “A Fresh Thought About September” that brings up old S.A.T test question logic, and a lengthier post “Sell in September – a Time for Reality.”

4.  From the Stock Chartist, an interesting – conflicting – chart/pattern interpretation (with targets) as to whether the S&P 500 is currently forming a very bullish Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern or a Bearish Rising Wedge pattern.

5.  From Jeflin’s Investment, a lengthy, informative post exploring the notion that “Lessons on Financial Crisis [have been] Forgotten in Heady Speculation

6.  An interesting post from Top Foreign Stocks on stocks that benefited from the recent Stimulus Plan – showing the “Top Ten Components (stocks)”

7.  A quick post from the Zen Trader on “Surviving the Market” which draws its inspiration from the Survivor’s Handbook.

8.  From the Tischendorf Letter, a post on Strategies to Improve Your Trading in Gold Stocks which is a simple but effective post that discusses hedging, trend following, and relative strength.

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