NewsFlashr Editor Picks for March 13

Mar 13, 2009: 12:00 PM CST

Each week I do an update on the “Editor’s Picks” Links from NewsFlashr’s Business Blog section and here are this week’s selections:

Mish takes a look at the changing attitudes of Baby Boomers as they face retirement with portfolios that have now declined 50% or more from their peaks. “Boomer’s Futures Went Down the Drain

Stock Trading to Go takes a look at the 1929 Crash and notes similarities to today’s bear market.

Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor asks “Was THAT the Bottom?” in a post and also tackles the question “Is the Market (S&P) Racing to 500 or 1,000 Next?” in his most recent Podcast.

Bill Luby of VIX and More shares some insights into the ‘strange’ development where the higher volatility has actually resulted in a lower (than recent average) VIX. More Volatility + Less Fear = Lower VIX

Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges takes a historical look at prior 90% Up days and puts them in context and asks “Why Tuesday’s 90% Up Day Might NOT Be Bullish

Correct Call shares insights into Seven Ways to Protect Your Portfolio Right Now.

News to Use shares some behind the scenes fundamental valuation models to show that stocks may be near a bottom.

Bob shares some thoughts on the importance of choosing the right philosophy when starting an investment club during a bear market.

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