NewsFlashr Launches New Editor’s Picks Section

Jan 11, 2009: 12:44 PM CST

I’m happy to announce that the NewsFlashr site – particularly the Business Blogs section – has launched a new feature entitled “Editor’s Picks.”  I’m also honored to announce that creator Gal Arav has asked me to be the section’s first editor!

We have assembled a companion site entitled “NewsFlashr Business Blog Picks” that serves as a website to provide the feed to the NewsFlashr page.

NewsFlashr is becoming a standard as an up-to-the-minute news aggregator that sorts headlines by topic and interest which allows you to see the top stories across Business, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Science, Health, Tech, and World news from a single page.  You can instantly browse the top sites and also selected blogsites in these categories to have a quick handle on what’s being discussed or making news as it happens.

In the past, I had been focusing on the Business Blog section and selecting what I felt were the most interesting headlines/blog articles I thought readers would find most valuable and posting these links on my site most weekends for readers to review.

The new “Editor’s Picks” section is a formalization of this process which calls reader attention to some of the top posts on the Business Blog section as a means to provide an additional resource of articles and mainly to save you time from browsing each article of every business blog on the site.  Currently, lists 73 Business Blogs which each display the 8 most recent headlines as provided from their feeds – that’s almost 600 headlines for a person to view!

What the Editor’s Pick section aims to do is provide you the top 8 hand-selected headlines on a bi-weekly basis (usually Wednesday and Sunday) to allow you to scan all the headlines you wish, but focus on 16 articles per week that is selected to be either the most interesting, most informative, most creative, or perhaps humorous articles out of the whole 600 headlines.

I will be unbiased in my selections and will focus on headline/article content, rather than site name/reach.  Feel free to submit an article for consideration (using the email link) either as a reader or a blog author – this is going to be a difficult task to select the best headlines (as in my first draft, I wanted to highlight 20 or more posts but could only select eight!).

I hope this can be a beneficial resource for you, as my aim is to save you time and provide you with a selection of the best quality posts for the week.

Corey Rosenbloom
Afraid to

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