NewsFlashr Rolls Out New Features

Aug 7, 2008: 9:50 AM CST

Today, the NewsFlashr website – an all in one news search engine – launched a new tool that allows you to search keywords across all headlines.

Right now on their homepage (, they show the top eight “hot topics” for world, business, politics, entertainment, sports, in a quick, simple tabular format which allows ease of seeing what’s hot in the news circuits right now.  There’s no longer a need to wade through multiple websites to find cutting-edge news stories and then decide what might be important or interesting to read – or what’s being discussed across different forums right now.

If you click on a particular topic (let’s say Business, for example), then the site lists the top keywords across all major financial or online news sites, such as Yahoo, CNN, Fox News, USA Today, Barrons, and others.

At this moment, the most popular terms are the following:

Rates (interest rates)

You can click on specific news stories that catch your eye on these topics.

My favorite usage of the site is the comprehensive, detailed “Feeds View” pages, which spread out each of the major news or blog web sources and list the most recent posts from that source.  To get this resource, you’ll need to click in the upper-right side of the page on the red button “Feeds View.”

From here, it’s as if you’ve spread out the top newspapers or websites in front of you and are viewing the most recent headlines from these sources.  The words “Just In” have now been added to show news stories that were just published – you can also display headlines by time or by Alexa (page-view) rank.

Check out and bookmark the Business Feed section to take a birds-eye view of all the major financial publishers and what they’re providing news-wise right now, which is updated every 15 minutes.   I now have this page as my homepage, so that I can be constantly up-to-date with major news stories.  Feed views also exist for Politics, Sports, World-News, Technology and also blogs that accompany these major news carriers.

In an age where there’s so much information and so little time to digest it all, NewsFlashr provides the essential tool to view dozens of headlines simultaneously, and then decide what’s important to you, and what’s in the public consciousness right now.

(The NewsFlashr Team also run the Instant Bull website, which is a powerful tool for stock-specific resources, information across news sources (such as earnings, analyst estimates, etc), and popular message board posts).


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