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Feb 4, 2009: 1:22 PM CST

Here’s the latest update from me as the Editor of the NewsFlashr Business Blog “Editor’s Choice” page.

Barry Ritholtz provides us with a graph detailing the main Sectors in the S&P 500 and notes their performance in January. Worst January Ever. Also, he summarizes an article from Reinhart and Rogoff that states to “Expect a Prolonged Slump”.

Dr. Steenbarger provides us a list of traits shared by Emotionally Intelligent individuals and relates that to trading the markets. Strengths of the Emotionally Intelligent Trader. A related post – Taking Heat on Your Trades.

Charles Kirk interviews Michael Panzer, who wrote Financial Armageddon which has been gaining attention thanks to its predictions of a large part of the current financial crisis. 10 Questions with Michael Panzer

Market Folly links to, and provides commentary on an interview with George Soros, who describes his experiences in 2008. Interesting. Soros Portfolio from 2008. Also, Market Folly posts links to Hedge Fund Investment Letters.

Rob Hanna reveals some research he conducted recently which address 2% overnight gaps in the market. 2% Gaps Revisited. Also, 2% Gap Ups Revisited.

Wall Street Nation provides a link to a 54 minute video of Nassim Taleb explaining in detail his arguments in the popular book The Black Swan. Taleb Explains Black Swan (Video link)

A Dash of Insight provides us an update on key ETFs and provides a nice graph displaying the performance. ETF Update.

Zignals shares various graphs and charts that seek to answer the question “Where Are We in the Economic Cycle?”

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