NVIDIA NVDA is a Strong Stock Getting Even Stronger

Sep 30, 2016: 10:19 AM CST

We believe that “Strong Stocks Get Stronger,” and NVIDIA (NVDA) is proving this concept true today.

What’s the lesson and where might this stock be heading now?

Let’s see:

We’re seeing the Weekly Chart above where price gently drifted higher from 2014 into 2015.

However, a strong bullish rally on high volume and high momentum developed at the end of 2015.

A natural pullback took price to the rising 50 week EMA in February ahead of an even strong rally that continues to this day.

2016 has been an abnormally strong year for shares of NVDA as buyers rushed to own a stock in a strong trend.

Momentum spiked to new highs and volume remained strong – all of which favored higher prices.

We’re seeing those prices develop now as a strong stock powers even higher, rushing toward $70.00.

Here’s the development of the strong uptrend through 2016:

When we’re looking to swing trade, we look for stocks in persistent uptrends, particularly those where we’re seeing strong volume and momentum.

If that’s the case, we then look to buy pullbacks (or retracements) to rising moving averages.

Check out our specific lessons and methods for our “Perfect Pullback Trading Strategy.”

Keep in mind that we DO NOT buy when price is overextended above the rising moving averages, as is the case now.

If you’re new to trading, focus your attention on stocks – and trends – like this.

Follow the trend; follow the money.

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