October Special! Classes with Corey on Promoting Your Trading Confidence with Confirmation (and Wyckoff)

Oct 13, 2016: 2:30 PM CST

I’m so excited to announce a series of three in-depth classes in October!

Roman Bogomazov – expert instructor of Richard Wyckoff’s methods at Golden Gate University – and I are teaming up to teach you how Richard Wyckoff’s methods integrate with today’s markets and how today’s indicators help you recognize trading opportunities from Wyckoff’s original methods.

Entitled “Wyckoff Plus! Promoting Your Trading Confidence with Confidence,” Roman and I will guide you through Wyckoff’s original methods, price projections, pattern recognition, supply/demand, and strategies.

I’ll be teaching you how to use today’s indicators in combination with Wyckoff’s original methods.

Drawing on his experience, Roman will describe the unfolding of Wyckoff Phases in trading ranges (both accumulation and distribution), including Wyckoff events and their characteristic price and volume signatures, as well as trading tactics geared to these predictable events.

Then Corey will demonstrate WHICH indicators are most appropriate for each Wyckoff Phase, and how best to use these indicators, both to confirm (or not!) our structural analysis and even to alert us to additional opportunities or possible dangers!

We’ll share case studies, discuss trades/experiences from our own accounts, and model the lessons for you in an easy-to-follow, accessible format.

Click on to read more information about our “October Special – Wyckoff Plus!” classes and to register.

This is an exciting opportunity to ground yourself in long-standing trading strategies as adapted to today’s markets and indicators in popular charting programs.

We’ll be teaching these three Thursdays in October beginning October 6th and we can’t wait to see you there live with us!



2 Responses to “October Special! Classes with Corey on Promoting Your Trading Confidence with Confirmation (and Wyckoff)”

  1. Intelligent Trend Follower Says:

    Cool! Thanks for the update on these trading classes. I will check this out and may mention it on my blog as well. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  2. Jacklein Says:

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