Open Air Pullback Planning for Best Buy BBY Breakout

Nov 21, 2014: 3:07 PM CST

Best Buy (BBY) shares continued their uptrend with a breakout gap into “Open Air.”

Let’s highlight this chart and plot a “pullback” or else surprise breakout plan.

Here’s the Daily Chart:

Best Buy (BBY) has charted three symmetrical bullish swings (blue lines) from the May 2014 lows.

This time, we see an extension and bullish gap event above the $36.00 resistance high.

It’s likely too late – at least from a probability standpoint – to participate in this swing and instead we’re planning a pullback/retracement just like the end of the prior two blue line bullish swings.

The logical target appears on the Hourly Chart below:

Again, we see the highlighted “Value Area” and the breakaway gap recently that thrust shares to new recovery highs.

A logical pullback targets the $35.50 to $36.00 zone for aggressive traders to attempt a short-sale position (or take profits).

Otherwise, we can’t assume logic will prevail in this bullish market and thus will avoid the short-side of this stock above $38.50 and $39.00.

If so, it could quickly extend the uptrend and bullish impulse higher in a short-squeeze breakout event.

Nevertheless, monitor price neutrally into the $38.00 per share “open air” pocket and otherwise either trade a logical pullback lower, or look to buy on the end of the pullback into support which could target the $35.00 per share level again.

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