Opportunities from Today’s Strongest Trending Stocks Dec 29

Dec 29, 2014: 3:53 PM CST

As 2014 quickly rushes to a close, let’s highlight today’s strongest trending stocks and note potential opportunities that may develop from these candidates.

Here’s our daily list of strongest intraday trending bullish stocks:

I selected these stocks using our daily relative strength algorithm (which I use in each day’s free blog update post), only this time I plotted the stocks on the hourly chart instead of the 5-min chart as usual.

What we see is a broader perspective of opportunities and a context from where the bullish strength develops.

For example, our strongest bullish stock today is American Water Works (AWK) which triggered a short-squeeze impulsive breakout above the $54.00 resistance level (an instant buy).

Study the stock further for additional trades that may be setting up on pullbacks or additional short-squeeze upward price action.

Unlike AWK, Dynergy (DYN) is breaking strongly into a resistance level and thus is a less-attractive candidate.

The delicious Cheesecake Factory (CAKE) and Aqua America (WTR) are showing similar breakout potential like AWK.

Pay close attention to CAKE as it impulses up away from the $50.00 resistance level.

Let’s apply similar logic to today’s bearish or downtrending (weak) candidates:

Both Zendesk (ZEN) and Cornerstone onDemand (CSOD) are breaking or reversing lower from a consolidation into resistance.

This makes them attractive short-sale candidates as long as they continue trading down from their highs ($24.50 in ZEN and the $36.00 level in CSOD).

However, EV Energy Partners (EVEP) and Twitter (TWTR) began with a short-term downtrend and they are simply continuing the downtrend with additional downside price action.

EVEP continues to be a breakdown short candidate under $20.00 and Twitter could continue trading down to touch the prior low under $35.50.

As you study the stock scans each day, be sure to pull up the timeframe for additional information and opportunities.

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