March 24 International ETF Color Grid Shows Two Strong Countries

Mar 24, 2015: 9:59 AM CST

Which two country ETFs are breaking out to new highs in a continuing uptrend?

And which ones – on the grid – lag behind?

Let’s take a quick update on a portion of our International ETF (Country) Grid:

On the selected country ETFs above, two jump out as relative strength leaders:

EWL Switzerland

EWJ Japan

Not to be outdone, Germany (EWG) closely trails these ETFs which are “Strong Getting Stronger.”

Generally, what it strong tends to get stronger, and a good strategy is to focus your attention on relative strength leadership and enter on pullbacks or breakouts accordingly. Continue Reading…


Join Me Live for Monday Morning Market Panel Update

Mar 22, 2015: 8:31 PM CST

Join me live Monday Morning for real-time market commentary and strategy planning for the week ahead!

I’ll be returning as a guest on Timing’s live broadcast this Monday, March 23rd at 1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST.

It’s a great opportunity to start the week fresh with targeted analysis and opportunity planning for the week ahead as discussed by four trading experts.

This week I’ll be joined by my good friend Dave Landry who will be hosting, along with Neil Batho and Eddie Z.

I greatly enjoyed being a guest and sharing ideas – and learning from others in the discussion – and hope you can join us live again for this week’s show.

It’s free to attend – be sure to sign-up now to get your direct link to the presentation and join us all live!


Continue Reading…

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March 19 Retracement Market Update and Big Stock Scan

Mar 19, 2015: 12:53 PM CST

After the Federal Reserve dropped the “patient” language but reminded us that recent economic conditions have deteriorated, making a June hike less likely, stocks rallied sharply and short-sellers rushed to buy-back losing positions which helped propel price higher in a large short-squeeze.

Today’s session has seen a logical retracement of yesterday’s big move, so let’s chart our key levels.

Price completed a slingshot rally from 2,060 to 2,105 instantly and today’s session saw a 50% retrace of yesterday’s big rally.

At the moment, price is rallying up off the halfway retracement (roughly 2,085) and breaking above a flag or triangle/wedge price pattern.

This puts the index back in the bullish “Open Air” territory as long as price remains above the 2,090 pivot.

Otherwise, note the red ’sell’ zone under 2,090. Continue Reading…


Post Fed Money Flow and Dollar Flash Crash Update

Mar 19, 2015: 12:32 PM CST

Markets today retraced part of the sudden movement following yesterday’s Federal Reserve announcement.

Let’s take a quick fly-by glance at the cross-market money flow reaction, today’s retracement, and something you missed if you weren’t watching the Dollar Index last night.

With the Fed dropping the word “patient” from its forecast, the Fed counteracted that hawkish comment with a reminder that recent economic conditions have deteriorated and thus a rake hike is not imminent.

Buyers flooded back into stocks, bursting them higher at the same time the Dollar stalled then collapsed.

On the heels of the collapsing Dollar, Gold and Oil caught a big and rallied sharply off support lows. Continue Reading…


GoPro GPRO Reveals How to Trade Triangle Breakouts

Mar 18, 2015: 2:21 PM CST

One of my favorite breakout trading patterns is the Triangle, and GoPro (GPRO) just gave us three back-to-back-to-back intraday examples of this set-up.

Let’s take a look at these patterns and learn specifically how to recognize and trade this pattern.

Let’s focus on the three highlighted triangle patterns step-by-step.

First, a Triangle develops when price compresses or overlaps (bounces between) two hand-drawn trendlines.

After the compression (consolidation) develops, price tends to break out of the consolidation, allowing traders to step into the impulsive (one-directional) price action for a quick profit.

Think of the compression like the coiling of a spring and the breakout as the energy released after the ’squeeze.’ Continue Reading…

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