Traders and Mental Models – Links

Feb 26, 2007: 3:49 AM CST

I ran across this link from Stock Bee and had to include it for further study.

The post is about Mental Models and how Winners, or those who are successful, have different mental models from the “masses” who stay in mediocraty. The post is brief, but I’m sure the links will be worth careful additional study:

Traders and Mental Models

This post explores different cognitive ways of structuring data and perceptions of the trading world which comes from repeated exposure and experience (as well as original thinking).

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Begin to Overcome your Fears!

Feb 25, 2007: 11:06 PM CST

I am excited about being a part of this new endeavor to help newer and novice traders – as well as some professionals – overcome fears, hesitations, and anxieties concerning trading. I hope this will be a long and rewarding journey for all of us as we seek to increase confidence, awareness, and profitability in the world of market speculation.

Here is a sample chart I have for us:

Although odds favor a retest of support here at the 20 period moving average (as well as the RSI reading of 50 – midpoint), it doesn’t take much to see that the MACD is diverging with price action and should be a ‘flashing light’ for us. Remember that odds favor continuation after a trend is established so it would be countertrend to enter a new short position at this level, but one also has to wonder how much further can the Dow (above) continue without even a slightly meaningful correction. As TraderMike pointed out, the Nasdaq market is ripe for a correction (probably at least back to the moving average) and so with conflicting signals, caution is warranted right now.



Feb 24, 2007: 8:35 AM CST

I created this blog to serve as a link to active investors, traders, and market enthusiasts of all types in an effort to connect us together and move forward in our attempt to succeed at this challenging game of investing!  I will be creating a complementary website, complete with message boards and chat functions, to connect us together.

As I am beginning my endeavor and am new to the blog and website world, please bookmark this site and keep checking back for updates, comments, and more information.

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