Pullback Planning for Amazon AMZN June 14

Jun 14, 2016: 10:17 AM CST

Have you updated your “Pullback Trading Plan” for Amazon (AMZN) if you’re currently trading it?

Buyers wish for stable pullbacks in strong, uptrending stocks and we have a moment like that in AMZN.

Here’s the quick-glance at the chart and our objective plan at our critical support level:

For full information on how we identify trends, classify pullbacks, then enter/manage trades, check out our “Perfect Pullback” strategy.

Until the negative divergences undercut the rally, Amazon was a strong uptrending stock with multiple pullbacks (retracements) that allowed traders to buy into support ahead of expected bounces.

We’re at a similar point now but the divergences give us pause that wasn’t present on earlier pullbacks.

Mainly we have an uptrending stock retracing into the rising 20 day EMA at $710 per share.

There’s two ways price can go:  “UP away from” the pivot to continue the uptrend or “DOWN toward” the rising 50 day EMA at $680 per share.

We don’t make predictions, but instead trade the price action as it moves toward or away from key pivots.

Right now, that pivot is the 20 day EMA at $710.

Whatever other indicators/methods you’re using, be sure to note the short-term importance of this level and to frame your trade on the swing away from this key pivot.

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