Quick Country ETF Comparison Reveals the US as the Best in a Bad Bunch

Nov 18, 2014: 11:18 AM CST

Let’s take a quick fly-by overview of the international ETF landscape to reveal an interesting fact of the current environment.

Here’s our quick 12-International ETF Comparison Chart:

With the exception of Japan – which recently entered an official recession (by definition) – the other country ETFs trade far away from their 2014 peaks.

Of course, the other exception is the United States, represented by the SPY index which trades at another all-time high.

Of these, the ‘weakest’ markets include Spain, Malaysia, and Mexico which are close to fresh new 2014 lows.

All other country ETFs charted above trade near the midpoint of their respective 2014 high and low.

Here’s the “Color Structure” chart perspective:

The picture is the same, only this time we can see color bars to represent the price swings and current trends.

In general, the strategy is to position into the strongest stocks – and ETFs – and avoid the weakest.

It’s tempting to do exactly the opposite, but temptations don’t always produce the desired results.

Nevertheless, this type of  grid-style view allows us to visualize money flow at a glance.

Speaking of ETFs, my friend John Carter just released a video on some of his favorite ETF options strategies which I’ll link below:

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